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The main features of our services are system-oriented, intelligent and efficient.

Accounting Software Setup

We provide the wide range of software solutions for Trading, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail and Service Businesses. See more on Software Solutions for detail information.

Book-keeping & Accounting Service

This service is available for those businesses/organizations which do not have financial/chief accountant (or) want to operate the financial transactions by outsource service.

Financial Statements Preparation

This service include the preparation of
SOCI (Statement of Comprehensive Income),
SOFP (Statement of Financial Position),
SOCF (Statement of Cash Flow)

Taxation Service

Taxation service is available for the following types of Tax: Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Commercial Tax, Special Commodities Tax and Capital Gains Tax.
Mostly, this service is provided by our business partners and we provide some/partial service only.

Payroll Service

This service is for the organizations which need the Payroll functions regularly (Monthly or Bi-weekly).
As part of Human Resource Management (HRM), Payroll is an important section and we provide the various solutions to improve the efficiency of HR Department.

Finance & Accounting Consultation

This service might include the following sections depending on the organizations and their requirements. Investment, Financing (Fund Raising), Share (Stock), Dividend, Risk Management, Costing, Budgeting, Pricing & Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Business/Corporate Planning, Project Appraisal, Working Capital Management, Business Valuation

Internal Control Implementation

This service includes the implementation of Internal Control (8 Types) for the organizations with required documents.
Internal controls are essential for the organizations: To prevent the frauds and errors, To safeguard the assets of organization, To clear the responsibilities of each employee and department, To meet the policies, procedures, objectives and plans prescribed by organization.

Document Management System

This service is able to provide high efficiency along the whole process (Input, Process and Output) of physical documents using in organizations.
Some features of DMS are: Forms & Records, Document Reference Numbering, Navigating the Documents, Document Control, Documentation Hierarchy, etc.

Enhancing Finance Department

This service enables to enhance the overall efficiency of Finance/Account Department by applying the Analysis & Optimization techniques.
Enhancement is to be applied in the following areas: Source & Reference Documents, Existing JD and Handover, Keying-in & Processing, Reporting and Presentation, Security of Data & Information, Procedures & Guidelines, Training Kits/Study Materials, Qualitative Characteristics.

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DOCUMENTS associated to (or as part of) our transactions/services
are created by the Quality of RELEVANT, USEFUL and IMPRESSIVE.

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Software Solutions

Choose the most suitable software for your organization…
Our software experts and consultants will make sure to be: Cost Effective and Best Match of organization’s requirements.

Accounting Software

POS Software

Payroll Software

Hotel Management Software

Real Estate Software


Accounting Software
POS Software
Payroll Software
Hotel Management Software
Real Estate Software

Download Centre

It is the place for Customers/Users to download the required
Software, Documents and other Useful Materials.




Pricing info & Payment

Information for the prices of our services and payment options.

i. Pricing Info

Please provide the information in below fields and click Submit button.





100% of Total Price is to be paid before service



50% of Total Price is to be paid before service.
50% of Total Price is to be paid after service.



30% of Total Price is to be paid before service.
70% of Total Price is to be paid after service.

Available Payment Methods: Cash, Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit Card

iii. Comparison of Payment Options for the SAME SERVICE




  • Total Price (Example) - 8 Lakhs
  • Payment Detail - 8 Lakhs
  • Percentage - 80%




  • Total Price (Example) - 10 Lakhs
  • Payment Detail - 5 Lakhs + 5 Lakhs
  • Percentage - 100%




  • Total Price (Example) - 12 Lakhs
  • Payment Detail - 3.6 Lakhs + 8.4 Lakhs
  • Percentage - 120%


Frequently Asked Questions from our clients/customers.

A 1 : The followings are the reasons to choose Account Studio:

We seek for the best solution for our Clients/Customers in all possible aspects. Moreover, we deeply consider and perform to obtain the Maximum Benefits, Optimization and Financial Success of the BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION.

The main features of our services are SYSTEM-ORIENTED, INTELLIGENT and EFFICIENT.

DOCUMENTS associated to (or as part of) our transactions/services are created by the quality of RELEVANT, USEFUL and IMPRESSIVE.
A 2 : We properly maintain the Confidentiality of Data and Information provided by our Clients/Customers when performing the transactions/services.

We also have the following restriction and proper procedures to process Data and Information.

  • Data and Information provided by Clients/Customers are not to be used for any personal or commercial interest.
  • Data and Information are to be processed within our organization and Segregation of Duties are also applied to protect the Confidentiality.
A 3 : It is easy and simple to get our services by following these steps.

  • STEP 1: Enquiry about the price and other relevant information about available services (via our website).
  • STEP 2: Make the Full or Partial payment for the selected service (by Cash or Bank Transfer).
  • STEP 3: Provide the required Data and Information to start the service (Physical and/or Computer Generated).
A 4: The difference between available Payment Options are as follow.

Plan A (PREPAID) is the LOWEST PRICE for the same service. (20% Lower than Normal/Moderate Price) Because it is Fully Pre-Payment [100%] and low risk to Service Provider.

Plan B (50-50 PARTIAL) is the MODERATE PRICE for the same service.Because it is the equal risk for Client/Customer and Service Provider.

Plan C (30-70 PARTIAL) is the HIGHEST PRICE for the same service. (20% Higher than Normal/Moderate Price) Because it is initial Partial Payment [30%] and high risk to Service Provider.
A 5 : The followings are the average or typical duration for each service to be completed.

# Service Average/Typical Duration
1 Accounting Software Setup 7 to 10 Working Days
2 Book-keeping & Accounting Service 10 to 14 Working Days
3 Financial Statements Preparation 12 to 16 Working Days
4 Taxation Service 10 to 14 Working Days
5 Payroll Service 7 to 10 Working Days
6 Finance & Accounting Consultation 12 to 16 Working Days
7 Internal Control Implementation 7 to 10 Working Days
8 Document Management System 7 to 10 Working Days
9 Enhancing Finance Department 12 to 16 Working Days

* Working Days are all the days between MONDAY to FRIDAY (excluded Public and Gazette Holidays).

** The above durations might vary depending on the industry, type and size of the organization, amount of transactions, etc.

*** Express Service is available upon request (by Customers/Clients) and Express Fee (depend on requirement) will be applied.


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